New Webinar: Be Safe and Stay the Course: How We Executed a Virtual PIM Platform Kickoff

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They say there’s a first for everything, but none of us expected to be faced with executing a two-and-a-half-day PIM platform kick-off virtually. As we watched events unfold and literally change by the hour, we needed to pivot and adapt to this ‘new normal.’

We were grateful for lessons learned, and most importantly being able to successfully complete a dynamic virtual event without a glitch!

Check out our webinar featuring C2’s Jonathan Currie, Akeneo’s Brad Johnson, the Granite Group’s Matt Spangler as we discuss how to conduct high-quality and complex sessions in a remote environment + lessons learned and results.

Click here to discover:

-How Akeneo, C2, and the Granite Group retooled for a virtual event

-Technologies used to overcome remote implementation challenges

-Tips for staying engaged in a virtual setting

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